• Improve physicians  performance
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Multiple benefits of mindfulness
  • Better connection with  patients
  • Cultivation of a focused awareness
  • Ammerdown 2014
Improve physicians  performance1 Preventing Burnout2 Multiple benefits of mindfulness3 Better connection with  patients4 Cultivation of a focused awareness5 Ammerdown 20146

Mindfulness Practice for Doctors

Medicine is a stressful profession, especially in the current climate of accelerated change. Doctors are expected to provide first class care to patients at all times: but how do we take care of ourselves?

A growing body of research has shown multiple benefits of mindfulness, including helping smokers quit their habit, improving sleep quality , and even helping students score higher on standardized tests. Now, mindfulness training has been linked with a number of positive outcomes for physicians and their patients.

Mindfulness practice -- the cultivation of a focused awareness on the present moment -- can improve physicians' performance by not only preventing burnout, but also by helping them better connect with their patients, according to two small, recent studies in the September/October issue of Annals of Family Medicine.

Mindfulness for Doctors is a national network which facilitates residential weekends for doctors and medical students who want to explore secular mindfulness based practice both personally and professionally..... <more>

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